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Norway TTC

Congratulations to all new Yoga Teachers. We finished our One month long Yoga Teacher Training in Norway .

Norway TTC Picture gallery

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Dharamshala, India and Norway

Yoga Shakti International offers Yoga teacher guidance courses and meditation retreats in India and Norway. It is a certified school for this ancient science from Yoga Alliance for multi-style Yoga TTC 200 hours. We are a team of qualified tutors teaching this art, with deep experience of OSHO Meditations and traditional yoga Philosophy. We organize daily classes for this art and weekend workshops to practice Sivananda, Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga Teacher Training in India at Yoga Shakti includes session planning, alignment principles in different poses, injury prevention, educational techniques to teach principles of this art, practicum in teaching yoga, understanding the entire process. The program or course also includes ethical guidelines or ethics for a yoga teacher. A detailed study on this art is done at our center which is then passed on to the students who wish to learn this art in different forms.

Yoga TTC in Norway is a perfect example of the popularity of this art outside India. Located in this beautiful country, Yoga Shakti is dedicated to promoting individuals and groups in realizing their greatest potentials for health, happiness and wellness. Our center proves to be a perfect set up for those who want to enjoy this art at the fullest. Our center here provides a calm and good atmosphere thus making it the ideal destination for practicing this art.

The term ‘Hatha Yoga’ is often used to define a particular style of physical asana practice. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is conducted at Yoga Shakti International and generally at a gentle, relaxed pace, with longer holds than in the more dynamic forms of Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Power yoga. It might include some sun salutations and perhaps a little Pranayama or seated meditation, however, focuses mainly on slow paced stretching and relaxing into poses.

Teachers Training Course

An inspiring, month-long Yoga Teacher training in Goa, India or in Norway, immersion into the yogic lifestyle (at one of the many ashrams) to become a yoga teacher or deepen your practice.

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Advanced Teachers Training Course

An exciting opportunity to continue growing through the yogic teachings during an intense, month-long ashram program for Yoga TTC graduates.

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Sadhana Intensive

Two weeks of individualized and deep practice of advanced asanas and pranayama, and classical yogic philosophy. Students are guided according to individual needs.

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Yoga Retreat

This powerful and harmonious program is based on the 5 Points of Yoga. Come to experience the complete benefits of this wonderful way to take a true break from your everyday life.

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Yoga Shakti Team



krishna Yoga Shakti International was founded by Krishna. Who has a vast experience in imparting lessons in yoga under its different forms and styles. He is a certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International India. His yogic art forms come out as a combination of Ashtanga, Shivananda and Hatha yoga. Krishna’s attraction towards the traditional meditation became strong when he started to attend the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. Eventually he practiced and hones his skills by attending workshops and teaching others in India and Europe

Yogi Prakesh

prakashYogi Prakesh was born in Panchgani countryside of Maharashtra State of India. He was brought up educated in Panchgani lives there to date. His mother a lady shepherd brought him up.
Young Prakesh had spent his early days , for a better part growing up in the jungle surrounding Panchgani. His imbibed the rich experience of nuture and the hardships from the flora fauna around him to grow rich in nature gifts and gain a spiritual countenance.

Meera Prem

meeraMeera, was born in 1971 in India into an unorthodox Brahmin family. Her father made their home open for all spiritual masters and seekers, and that is how her own spiritual journey began. She became a disciple of Osho in 1983. Since then she has been studying, and has trained in a wide range of Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic Techniques such as Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Healing, Sound and Silence, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation, Dream Dialogue, Past-life Therapy, Pulsation, Primal Deconditioning, Color-Light Therapy and Agama Tantra Yoga.


micheMichelle qualified as an Optometrist in 2004 and after years of mild depression was slowly becoming  disillusioned with the life she had made for herself. She took a year off in 2011 and her love affair with yoga started when she spent 7 months in New Zealand. She had toyed with the idea of yoga before but never thought it was for her as she felt quite inflexible after years of horseriding. Luckily she found herself in deep understanding with her teacher and soon learnt that yoga was not just about flexibility but the fantastic connection between mind, body & soul that came with an awareness of her breath. Her travels continued through SE Asia with her discovering meditation and spending time doing vispassana meditation in Thailand.



The atmosphere is one to fall in love with. Both students and teachers are there with a smile and kind words. As a student I feel cared for and seen, and the teachers are both professional and down to earth. A perfect place for real yoga.
Kari Elisabeth Nordgård, Norway
They might be quite rare, but life changing events are definitely not a myth. Doing a TTC with Krishna and the guest teachers in 2013 was one of mine. It took my personal practice to the next level and gave a whole new insight in the many elements that it’s comprised of. To sum it up in two words: Thank you.
André Olsen Richard, Norway
Hi , i have learned yoga from the best. Krishna is a excellent yoga instructor, he has done a lot for yoga her in Steinkjer . Greetings from Inger Lise
Inger Lise Arntsen, Norway
I decided to join the one month yoga teacher training course not only for the certificate, but more importantly I wanted to find out my real feelings about yoga. The whole month, we did a lot of practice everyday. It was tough and sometimes I was really exhausted but I was very happy. I have to say it can not be a more right decision to go there. I have made new friends and learned a lot, not only yoga asanas but also new attitudes towards life. It seems that yoga opens a new window in front of me. I love yoga and I would like to share it with everyone.
Hui Hui Yung, China
This ttc gave me a good basic to start my work as a yoga teacher. It showed the many different sides of yoga. The diversity of yoga teachers was good, and there was a lot of knowledge to absorb. The body felt great after doing so much yoga in one month. It is nice that this ttc is for everybody, and everybody will get benefits of it, no matter if you are a starter or advanced. It was good to have this ttc as a basic, and be able to build further from her.
Saskia Heringa Tønne, Norway
Thank you Krishna for some fantastic yoga hours! :) Have learned a lot had to d so nice .. And just say that you are incredibly good at teaching, you are a super yoga instructor.
Linn Mari Thidemann, Norway
Very good yoga! Absolutely amazing that we have been so lucky to get a professional Indian yoga teacher in Steinkjer.
Merete Mork, Steinkjer



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